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Alexandra Maria LaraBiography for
Alexandra Maria Lara
Date of Birth
12 November 1978, Bucharest, Romania

Birth Name
Alexandra Maria Platareanu

5' 8½" (1.74 m)

Mini Biography

Born on 12 November 1978 in Bucharest, Romania, Alexandra Maria Lara fled to Germany with her parents when she was four and half years old. After graduating at the French High School, she studied acting at the Theaterwerkstatt Charlottenburg from 1997 and 2000, but had already played leading characters in several TV shows and movies such as Die Bubi Scholz Story (1998) (TV). Due to her critically acclaimed performance in The Tunnel (2001), she has appeared in several successful national and international projects, most notably the Oscar nominated Downfall (2004).

Sam Riley (August 2009 - present)


Ranked #1 in a list by tabloid "Bild" searching the "50 most beautiful Germans of today" (28 April 2005).

Jury member of the Transylvanian Film Festival 2005.

Often used to travel to Bucharest to visit her grandmother.

Daughter of Valentin Platareanu.

When leaving Romania, her family planned to emigrate to Canada, but remained in Germany.

Due to her convincing performance in Downfall (2004), Francis Ford Coppola wrote her a letter and gave her a leading role in Youth Without Youth (2007).

Failed to pass driver's license three times.

Her favorite drink is Coca Cola.

Split from boyfriend Florian Unger after 9 years. (2006).

Met companion Sam Riley on the set of Control (2007).

Memeber of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008.

Moved to Germany at the age of 4.

Personal Quotes

No matter what happens to me and my career in the future, Berlin is always going to be my hometown.

Where Are They Now

(December 2006) She is filming The City of Your Final Destination (2007) in Argentina, during December 2006 - January 2007.

(2007) Living in Berlin with boyfriend Sam Riley.
Alexandra Maria Lara pictures

Alexandra Maria Lara

Alexandra Maria Lara

Alexandra Maria Lara

Alexandra Maria Lara

Alexandra Maria Lara

Alexandra Maria Lara

Alexandra Maria Lara

Alexandra Maria Lara


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