Thursday, 18 October 2012

Belen pregnant? She makes a vague

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 Belen is the loose. Guest Verissimo answers to all the questions with ease, does not flinch even when Silvia Toffanin asks if it is true that he made some incli aesthetic. She denies. But then the conductor pushes her to clarify once and for all the mystery of her alleged pregnancy, and here we Belen does not have the same strength, lowers her eyes, looks away and says, "If I'm pregnant? They always say ... When the time comes, if it is, then I'll say it with great joy ... At the right time. "That does not sound like a denial.

The interview continues, Belen is calm, at ease, and it seems a lot of fun. "With Fabrizio (Corona, ed) is not that good go of things in particular, I think I feel good ... I simply fell in love with another." Lighter than that.
"When was the bang, only reached me on Facebook insults from fans of other characters (!), Now the situation has returned to normal ... I too happened to have been left, but never mind!" Poisonous barb for the former Stefano De Martino, Emma.
"I have not been brave to come out, in fact, I was stupid," said Belen, "I had to wait for him to finish Friends, but I'm screwed. Marry Stefano? We hope you ask me, everyone here is talking about but no one asks me. "
Regarding the tattoo done with Stefano says, "It 'sa bit big in fact. Just finished I thought, my goodness I did! "
Finally, the latest statements on
performance by Stefano than Corona, Belen explains: "I have never made ​​comparisons with my ex, but I can not always spend money to make these denials, because then you put yourself against journalists. I gossip I do not try, the paparazzi follow me all the time ... Anyway, that's okay, I'll live. "


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